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Yogi In Wanderland
Natalie Pasquale Lobeck



When the universe conspires to place you on a path, you listen. That is exactly how yoga found Natalie. Seventeen years ago, in a whirlwind of magical coincidences, she was introduced to yoga. Since that very first introduction, yoga has had a constant presence in her life, working as a catalyst for grounding and growth throughout all of the experiences that have helped shape her into who she is today.


As soon as you meet Natalie, you will instantly recognize a warm aura that emanates from her.

At her core, she is a bright ball of feel good, healing happiness, and this energy can be felt in everything that she does. It is this energy that guides Natalie and drives her passions.


It is her heart song to inspire happiness in other people, and she passionately places this joy into every aspect as of her life. As a freelance hair stylist, Natalie uses her intrinsic creativity along with her knowledge of shape, texture, and color, to offer individuals an energetic boost of confidence.


Natalie also attended theatrical circus school where she was able to apply her bright personality and colorful imagination to the stage. As a certified clown, she channeled her enthusiasm for life into her show, offering her audience an environment of carefree joy and laughter. It is this very same environment that Natalie cultivates when sharing the practice of yoga with the world.


As Natalie’s dedication to her yoga practice has grown, so has her desire to share her knowledge of yoga with others. Though it wasn’t until the summer of 2014, while sitting atop a mountain at a Wanderlust Yoga Festival, that she finally recognized the Universe’s calling: “Yoga is your love; it is you. Share it”. Instantly, Natalie knew what she was going to do. She went back home to Los Angeles, Ca, signed up for Cloud Nine Yoga’s teacher training, and, in the spring of 2015, received her 200 Hour Yoga Alliance certification.  Since then she has also has completed the additional 300 hours to now be a 500 registered yoga teacher.


Since her teacher training, Natalie has taught at various festivals, including Coachella Arts and Music Festival and Sail Across the Sun, and has earned herself teaching positions at multiple studios across Los Angeles. She has also continued to develop her energetic toolkit by earning herself attunement as a Shoden level Reiki practitioner. Through practicing Reiki, Natalie is able to cultivate a space where individuals can safely breathe, heal, and be.


Natalie recognizes that she is forever a student and continues to grow her love and wisdom of the yoga practice daily. To her, yoga is magic, and she wants nothing more than to share this practice with the world so others can experience the clarity, strength, freedom and fulfillment that can be unearthed through yoga.


Click here to book her for privates in your home, office space, or out in beautiful Mother Nature.




“To me, yoga is being; it is being fully me. It is being in touch with my ‘Self’; my body, my breath, and my heart. Yoga is moving mindfully. It is feeling the soles of my feet hit the ground and engage. Yoga is being aware of my breath, especially those certain moments when a deep breath helps more than anything. Yoga is having constant compassion.  Being able to take in the beauty and energy around me. Yoga is asking my body what it needs. My mind as well. And never to forget my heart. Yoga is patience. Yoga is a challenge and figuring out my way to overcome or adapt to challenges and find happiness in them (no matter what). Yoga is a pause; a pause to take a breath in and really feel the goodness of whatever it may be. Yoga is so many things, technical and not.” - Natalie

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