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I guess you can call this an intro..

I have always had a draw to the creative side, the freedom of expression, the messy yet organized. I grew up dancing and doing musical theatre. Music has always played a major role in my life, even though I am not a musician whatsoever, unless you count playing Hot Cross Buns on the recorder in elementary school. I attended a university attempting to find my drive, cosmetology school where I took on and still practice the art of hair, theatre school where I found my confidence, circus school where I truly opened up and then finally yoga school where I felt in my heart most aligned with my purpose here on earth.

I do find a link in all of these journeys. To bring beauty and joy to this planet. To constantly play and discover. I feel so fortunate to be able to have the opportunity to share the yoga practice and everything I am learning from it with others, whether they’re seeking simply a physical work out, a chance to exhale and release or maybe just to play and get in tune with their breath and body. It truly is one of my ultimate joys in life to inspire peace and happiness in other people.

I am hoping this blog can be an additional place for me to share my experiences and inspiration with whomever stumbles across it. One of my goals in life is to forever have the wonder and curiosity of a child. I will forever be learning, growing and experiencing to become the best and most loving version of myself. I hope by doing so I can inspire others.

Below are some moments captured from certain experiences that have inspired, shaped, and even fulfilled some dreams.

Until next time...

"The key to happiness is very simple.  First become clear what your duty or purpose is in life.  Second, learn to love it." 

              -The Four Desires, Rod Stryker

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